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Welcome to bold pixel

We're making pixelart 8bit style games. Bold pixel is small independent game studio. We love indiegames for different platforms. We're working on games for Gamebuino META, Arduboy and PICO-8. There is also a game for PC that we're working on.

You don't like our site? Please note that we're making games, not websites :)

We're working right now on our first titles. Hope we can share some work with you


We've started our company on 1st of May 2018. Our work is focused on independent hardware platform like Arduboy, Gamebuino META and PICO-8. But we're also working on PC game that will be relased this year. We're hoping that you'll enjoy our projects as we will.

Should you have any other questions please mail us at hello(at)


Projects (Gamebuino META)

(download ZIP)

(download ZIP)

Projects (PICO-8)

Camel Race (PICO-8)

Meze (PICO-8)

Kate (PICO-8)


We're small but really passionate team.

Creative Director - experienced with 8bit, pixel art and graphics design

Lead developer - more than 20 years of software development in C/C++, C#, Assembler, Java, etc.


07-25-2018 - Meze for Gamebuino META was released.

07-17-2018 - Kate for Gamebuino META was released.

06-08-2018 - Let's meet at Pixel Heaven event on from 8th to 10th of June 2018 in Warsaw.

05-22-2018 - Our site was born

05-01-2018 - We've established our company

01-05-2018 - We've started to work on first projects


Welcome to the world of bold pixel games.

Find us on social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or write to us [email protected]

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